The Truth

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Part 1 of The Truth:

I offer up factual information not for retribution, but that you will see the facts as they are, not as they are repeated endlessly by those who have a vested interest in our failure. It's been said that for evil to prosper all it takes is men of good will and conscience to do nothing. Those who have the power to stop this destructive behavior and yet do not attempt to do so are just as coupable as those who seek to defame and bear false witness against Karlyn and myself. 

When Karlyn and I made the decision to part ways with WCF we left on good terms. As far as we knew, though Ricky and Fred were very disappointed, everything was okay. Prior to our withdrawing from leadership I sent, on January 7th, a letter to Ash. I am posting the actual letter below. After the decision had been made and followed up on by Karlyn and I, I sent a letter to Ricky Howe who I thought we had a lasting friendship with. I have also posted my original letter I sent to Ricky below.

Unfortunately WCF, now Waszupp Global have given the impression that Karlyn and I are attempting to glean people from that organization over to ours. Nothing could be further from the truth. The letters below are evidence that this is not the case. On January 17th I notified Ricky and let him know that there was cross-over of people in our WaszuppNOW.Net database. I made it clear to Ricky that I would do all I can to remedy that unfortunate situation. Right now we are 95% complete with cleansing our systems and making sure our database only has in it associates.

Personally Karlyn and I have great affection for Fred and Ricky and we were caught off guard by the vitriol we have heard of late on one of their calls and the erroneous information posted on the Waszupp Global and International Facebook pages.

Why we cannot be in different companies and be civil is something I just don't understand. Karlyn and I wish Fred Bender and Ricky Howe much success and we hope the company they represent does well and we sincerely hope that all distributors have much success as well!

My Letters:

Finally, this web site you are on right now was created to help our personal team and there are many, have a place to call home. This site was originally put together for our personal team. As we were asked to help encourage the company and field for WCF, we were asked to use our team site as a communication hub for the company so it could better communicate with the field. This site was never part of WCF at all.

It should also be made very clear, Karlyn and I have been involved in network marketing since 1978. We have a substantial following. We are known in the network marketing world and we have a stellar reputation. I am personally fed up with my wife Karlyn, of 43 years, being called names like Whore and other names I will not post here. It is in Ricky and Fred's power to put an end to this by making a simple statement; tell your associates that this type of name calling and bullying is out of bounds. I am posting the email that I am referring to and yes I will not hide the name of this unsavory individual.

  • Calling My Wife a Whore...Really? Click Here to Open: No matter how angry you are, no matter how frustrated you are, no's never okay to lash out like this! Ricky would never tolerate this if his wife Kathy were addressed in this manner. Fred would never have accepted this concerning his beloved wife. I call on these two men to address their team and demand that this behavior stops immediately. Yes, Ricky and Fred can make a concerted effort to stop this behavior in their ranks and stand up and be the Christian men God called them to be. This kind of behavior is not acceptable under any circumstances!

I hope this letter is the beginning of healing and an end to the name calling and the unprofessional destructive behavior that so many have engaged in.

Thank you for listening and I pray we can all behave in ways that show respect to one another.

Stephan M. McCarroll, Team Leader
Husband, Owner and Friend

The Sequel: Part 2 of The Truth

We were contacted by a friend and and someone I have admired for years. Scott Miller is the voice behind many of the Network marketing videos that are shared globally. He is a great guy and has a professional broadcasting background. Scott asked Ash Sahib of Waszupp Global for a refund and what was said to him was, well, down right insulting and unbecoming of a so called CEO of any company. When I was in upper management and if I conducted myself this way, I would have been escorted out of the building!

I submit this for your review and with permission from Mr. Miller. Is this someone you want to entrust your loved ones financial future with? Not me...

Please read this PDF letter from Mr. Miller and what Ash Sahib said to him.

Warning not suitable for children.