I needed an understandable guide, a road map, giving me directions to my destination to success.

I poked around at the Network Marketing Profession for several years, spent a lot of money on programs that promise to divulge the trade secrets to success, as long as I invested hundreds, if not thousands in their programs. Some offer personal coaches that are difficult to contact and really didn’t care about me, only cared about their commissions. Some offered costly, boring webinars that by the time they’re done I wasn’t sure what was reviewed. Some offered programed courses in which I got completely lost.

I needed an understandable guide, a road map, giving me directions to my destination, success.

Then I stumbled onto the Special 13 Group. Here is an open forum in which I found individuals that struggled in network marketing, much like myself. Here I am given clear answers to questions by Karlyn and Stephan, experienced mentors in the industry. Questions I’ve had in all my years in network marketing are finally answered. In the Special 13 Group, I found a group of people that are willing to share ideas, celebrate victories and offer words of encouragement. This is a safe place to voice one’s thoughts and feelings and get answers to questions with clear direction along the road to success.

Combined with the training and coaching, I don’t just have a road map, I now have the GPS. I wholeheartedly recommend the Special 13 Club to any Network Marketer, both the experienced and the inexperienced. Here is more than a road map, this is the GPS to your success!