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Great question...

The Special 13 Club was born out of the need to help our team associates to take little steps towards success. The old adage, "how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time..." This adage really does apply when learning how to grow and develop a new business and how to use the tools necessary to drive that business forward. We encourage our members to practice consistent behaviors that produce success, like, dial 5 numbers daily four days per week. Doing the right activity the right way all the time breeds success!

A Bit of Background

Karlyn and I started this club at the insistence of WaszuppNOW.Net associates who wanted daily training, Monday - Thursday's, in a more personalized way and wanted to learn about calling leads, handling objections and building relationships with prospects using the phone and much more.

Our members agree to be accountable to the calling schedule and for this commitment the member receives free leads. They also wanted us to assist in developing a sense of community and a team-family environment. We accepted the challenge and started the club and it is growing and expanding. More importantly our members activity levels are up and they are gaining confidence in using the phone and enrolling interested people into PHP.

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Don't take our word for it, listen to Grace L. from Tennessee.

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