Marketing System

Our Marketing System

Let the marketing system tell your story perfectly every time!

More Interested People

Send your suspects, prospect and interested people to the system. The system will do the heavy lifting for you! We do not provide leads, you must refer your own contacts to this system.

Get The Word Out Now!

Get the word out about your system! text it out, share it out and tell everyone. The system only works if you get people through it.


Sales and Marketing Funnel

Our Marketing Funnel

The sales process is really very simple. The diagram to the left says it all. If you want sales you have to put people into your funnel. It's called the laws of averages. The more people in the more sales or sign ups out.

That's what we're here to do, make it easier for you to "tell your story and realize more sign ups into your venture!


Let's Lay it Out For You...

The elements of our Online Marketing System are very simple to grasp. You send interested people to your unique link and they provide very simple information about themselves, then they are taken to a page where they will watch a video telling your story. They will listen to an audio about the program and they will be able to download a free gift. While they are moving through the system, the system has sent you an email with your prospects contact information so you can call them right-away. It's that simple!


This is the Online Marketing Funnel System we built for Waszupp Crowdfunding Donors. This system has received great reviews from everyone who sees it. The  Online Marketing Funnel System has a clean, yet eye-popping style that is simple to navigate and the “call to Action” message is delivered in 6-7 minutes!

If you’re associated with Waszupp Crowdfunding this is the right fit for you.

See the actual landing page here. Take a test drive…

A note concerning our monthly subscription… The monthly subscription on all of our systems is a “management fee” that allows for on-going management of your system, page changes, alterations, additions and/or deletions.

Make Your Purchase of a Marketing Sales Funnel System Below:

No setup fees only a simple Monthly Subscription! After making your purchase then come back here and complete the Work Order below.

Monthly Subscription:

Go Pro Membership – $39.95
Visit our membership page and read up on the “Go PRO Membership Plan” to see the benefits you receive. Get our marketing system and have access to weekly training from Karlyn and FULL access to her extensive audio training archives as well! Click The Monthly Subscription button below to see all of our Membership Plans and their benefits.


Want or need to purchase a stand-alone “Online Marketing Landing Page System?” Please click the buy now button directly below. Please come back to this page and complete the
“web work order“ as well... See Below:

Stand-Alone Price ONLY $24.95
Through PayPal and You Can Use
Credit Card.

Important Members Note:
All GoPro and Premium members of CallTheBizPro.Com receive 8% and/or 12% discounts when purchasing our Stand Alone Landing Page Marketing System in addition to the FREE system your membership entitles you to!  This product will present your company or product to an online audience and automatically communicate your content, web pages or general information to potential prospects or buyers. If you want to make an additional Landing Page Marketing System purchase then
Login to your Members Dashboard to purchase with your discount! The Member Coupon Code is in your Dashboard.

Please complete the Web Work Order After you make your purchase… Click on the image. Thank you!











In Need of Sign Up's?

More sign ups are a function of learned selling and consulting techniques. Are you in need of coaching and training? Check out Karlyn's coaching and training membership site and see if her membership plans might be right for you.